Postcard from Indiana- 3

1-3 June 2012

Not all bakeries are created equal

On the way to Shipshewanna we spotted a bakery and did a nose-stand to slow enough to make the driveway. The reason for the urgent stop? Fresh strawberry pie! We managed to get there before 3:00 PM closing, but only by 3 minutes. So instead of sandwiches and soup plus dessert, we opted for 2 pieces of pie to-go and sat in the parking lot eating it.

It only took one bite and we knew: this piece of strawberry pie was not up to the standard of the Essenhaus. Too bad. Guess we just have to go back to Essenhaus again before we leave… what a shame! 🙂


We made it to the Menno-hof center and took the guided tour. I’d recommend the tour to anyone visiting the area regardless their religious persuasion. The center is housed in an enormous red barn which, we were told, took 6 days to raise plus an additional 1.5 years to finish the interior rooms and displays. Most of the aural information is pre-recorded in a series of audio/visual presentation, but the guide is always nearby to answer questions or to just chat. We enjoyed our time there and felt better able to understand what we’ve seen and heard about these special people.

But after hearing the presentation I was more puzzled than ever to understand the women working in the restaurants and bakeries. With the determination of the Amish to separate themselves from those that don’t believe as they do, the presence of so many working in the food service industry seems contradictory. [Sorry for the crappy image which I’ll replace ASAP. Computers are wonderful but only to the extent the operator knows what he’s doing!]

Back to Middlebury

Yep. Had to have dinner at Essenhaus again. The food is nothing fancy, but it’s excellent and (thankfully!) they had more strawberry pie. OK, we’re almost ready to move on.

RV-MH Hall of Fame

On Saturday before leaving we made it to the museum. At least there’s one place in town you don’t have to worry about taking photos. And that I did! The museum contains many restored RVs from the not-so-recent past. $7 ea for us seniors. The entrance is in the back, next to the Interstate.

So here’s way more images than you’ll want to bother with:

1- RV/MH Hall of Fame (where 5th wheels seem forgotten!)

2- This was from 1916. The restoration is beautiful!

3- This was a prototype for what became the Airstream Bambi.

4- Another Ford-based RV. Seems a misnomer to call it a motor home!

5A- Check the chimney, then look below…

5B- …at the bot belly stove!

6- Saw a video on the Travel Channel about the restoration of this one!

7A- Pretty amazing travel trailer…

7B- …with a very complete interior.

8A- Mae West was into RVs! This is her custom motor home…

8B- …complete with a veranda!

9A- A Ford pulling a Covered Wagon…

9B- …and this is the Covered Wagon itself.

10- A GMC motor home from the late ’60s (I’ve seen this with an FMC logo).

11- Airstream Ranch in FL… passed this on the way to Lazy Days.

Elkhart River Walk

The Admiral had done a little research and learned about Elkhart’s River Walk. We wanted to see the old downtown area and managed to stumble on the walk. It’s a long way from a fully developed area, but there are a couple places to choose from for lunch (and dinner? dunno). We chose b on the River and had great sandwiches. It was a nice choice for lunch but haven’t a clue what you might do here for dinner.

We’re off tomorrow

That’s it for now. On our way to a couple stops in Ohio and then on to Le Roy, NY for a few days. We’ll visit friends there as maybe well as see Niagra Falls.

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Celia and I are full-time RVers wintering (and now summering!) in southeast AZ. Our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Annie & Kelly, prompted the name of this blog but sadly are gone because of kidney failure. They will live forever in our hearts.
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