Hey y’all!

We are Bruce & Celia. We’re retired, Bruce from aerospace and Celia from teaching.
Together we bought and cruised a Gemini catamaran for a few years, married
while in Key West, and eventually settled in Santa Fe, NM where 2 Bernese Mtn.
Dogs came to live with us. Now we’re on the road living in a dog house on

We started our life on the road with what turned out to be a very tired 2003 Montana. We left Santa Fe and repaired the thing at every stop on the way to Sugar Loaf Key. Even our not-very-old Ford F-350 developed an intermittent injector. Not exactly what all the magazine articles sounded like!

When we left the keys we decided we were having a pretty good time and would like to continue traveling by RV if it weren’t for all the repairs!  The last straw was when one of the 2 awning bases fell off. If we were going to do this beyond our first trip, the 2003 Montana had to go.

We were in Clewiston, FL at the time, waiting for warmer weather so we could start back toward Santa Fe. We happened to be a few hours from Sumner, FL which is the location of Lazy Days (the largest RV dealer in the US) and we thought ‘we’ll just take a look’. Yeah, right! We made a visit and – Presto! – we had a brand new 2010 Montana.

It took forever for them to deliver it to us… they had just gone thru significant layoffs and were short on personnel when suddenly the RV market took off again. After 10 days we were finally out the door and a little gun shy thanks to the old 2003. All that changed the first night. What a difference to stop at night and not have to get to work on repairs! I don’t know if the 2003 was just worn out or if the 2010 is just a better built trailer, but that change made all the difference for us.

5 years later we traded the Montana for a 40′ Cedar Creek Cottage which we keep on our lot in Benson. And we bought a 30′ Arctic Fox travel trailer to take on the road. We also traded our very modified F-350 (which by 2013 was getting really good fuel economy) in favor of a very un-modified 2016 Ram 2500.

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