Postcard from Missouri- 2

19 May 2012

Branson, MO

The Admiral & Kelly and Becky & Rocky

At last we were able to connect with RVing friends Dave & Becky. This is the first time we’ve been able to connect since Sioux Falls in July 2010. They’re here in Branson courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers… they found jobs work-kamping at the Dewey Short Visitor Center at Table Rock Lake Dam.

And they must have the coolest campsite I’ve ever seen! Nearly impossible to park in the site, but once you’ve threaded the needle’s eye you have a completely paved site with shade, a concrete picnic table, and a storage shed.

Hangin’ out at Campsite #2

We stopped over for a visit on Friday afternoon and took a walk along Table Rock Lake. They have asphalt paving along the shore and it’s all beautifully maintained. On the way back to their site we stopped and let the dogs sniff the water. Annie did her imitation of a giraffe since there was no way she was going to put her feet in the funny stuff that smells like water but makes noise! She finally stumbled on a slippery rock and got her tush wet, then bolted out of the water. “How unlady-like!”

A very overexposed photo of Table Rock L (mea culpa!)

Table Rock Lake Dam feeds into Taneycomo Lake. If you just said “Taneycomo? Doesn’t sound very Indian to me!!”, you’d be right: TANEY-CO(ounty)-MO = Taneycomo. Sounds like a CoE engineer picked that name!

The great news was that D&B’s traveling buddy, Rocky, is feeling way better than when we last saw him almost 2 years ago. He’d been taking a lot of meds in order to get around with his hip problems and arthritis. A very smart vet somewhere along the way convinced them to take him off all the meds and Presto! He’s getting around much, much better! He still has trouble with the steps on the RV, but he walked a couple miles along the shore with no problem at all. Way tuh go, Rocky!


D&B mentioned a place to eat that had good food at less than outrageous prices (unusual in Branson!). So we went to Danna’s BBQ & Burger Shop on SR-165. Little tiny parking lot in front of the cafe with an empty parking spot at the end of the entry… I thought. Turned out to be a handicapped space, so I had to move the truck. There were extenuating circumstances, but the bottom line is I hit a car trying to get out of the parking lot. The sidewall of our outside rear wheel (recall that we have dual rear wheels) on the passenger side rubbed against the car’s bumper. Even though it was the rubber sidewall of the tire, the plastic bumpers can’t take it and I crushed/crinkled/mashed the corner of the bumper.

I went in and talked to a waiter who said he’d see what he could do to find the owner. That happened to be Sherry Grisham, a local realtor who was the model of composure. A brief look of horror flashed across her face, then she managed to stay pleasant and kind to the 2 old farts that were devastated at having damaged her 2002 Porsche Boxster (why, why, why did it have to be a Porsche?!).

I finally found the insurance info (I’d carefully put the ID ‘cards’ in the file drawer and didn’t have the claims number with me… Aaarrggh!), so it was the next day before I called GMAC. Hopefully the ball is moving now. Unfortunately we will apparently have to have the truck checked by a GMAC adjuster, so we’ll be here thru Tuesday. Which is unfortunate as it’s starting to get busy on the road with touristas.

Gratuitous shot of Annie- holding the
earth in place with her butt

Another visit tonight

In the mean time we’ll get in another visit with D&B tonight and I’ll have another opportunity to retell the harrowing tale! They work on Sunday and I’ll be sure to stop in and do my best to embarrass one or the other of them. Or not, since payback is hell!

About bruce10b

Celia and I are full-time RVers wintering (and now summering!) in southeast AZ. Our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Annie & Kelly, prompted the name of this blog but sadly are gone because of kidney failure. They will live forever in our hearts.
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2 Responses to Postcard from Missouri- 2

  1. HTBT says:

    You'd be hard-pressed to embarrass me, Bubba! Sooooo enjoying visiting w you & your 3 girls! Looking forward to seeing ya'll some more before ya roll out!!

  2. Can't embarrass you? Ummm… probably not. More likely the other way around!! :)We have T-storms coming Sun-Mon. Just struck me the dam tour ought to be a really safe place to be!

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