Postcard from North Carolina- 1

22-24 September 2012

Asheville, NC

KOA again- this time Asheville KOA West. We picked the one on the West end of town (there are 2 KOAs in the Asheville area) in anticipation of an easier departure after our 3-niter. And we are happy with our choice. Yeah the site wasn’t level, but the 2 boards we carry got it sorted. So… why was not being level OK this time but not last time? Cuz they had ice cream sundaes at the park pavilion! Plus the only guy who fills the propane tanks (he’s the manager) was still there and had time to fill one mostly-empty tank before he left for 2 days off. We don’t want to run out of propane cuz it’s getting pretty cool at nite… as low as 43° F last nite.

The park has a lot of trees and is on very hilly ground. A walk with the dogs can leave you (mmm… me!) out of breath thanks to the elevation changes. Well… unless you’re a dog in which case it’s really interesting to hear all the funny wheezing noises humans make when they walk uphill!

We made a trip into town and had brunch at Over Easy Cafe (the Urban Spoon app. for our iPhones is great for this sort of thing!). Excellent food, sidewalk seating if you have a dog with you (we didn’t), and you better not be in a hurry cuz it takes awhile to get your food. If you have a long bed dually as we do, parking can be an issue (the town is old, so the streets are narrow). So we parked in the lower lot at the Visitor Center and walked.

There is an indoor mall in Asheville called the Grove Arcade. It was opened in 1928 with plans to be an 18-story building. It ended up 2 stories and was one of the very first indoor malls in the US. Very interesting architectural details inside. If you come to Asheville it’s worth taking a look thru the shops.

We also went to the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the East side of Asheville. We’d been there about 9 years earlier and remembered really enjoying the visit. I had my camera along but was told almost immediately “no photography”, so I don’t have much to show for the visit. The Admiral, however, did some Christmas shopping, so we didn’t come away empty handed.

And we had a great lunch at East Village Grille on Tunnel Rd near the Folk Art Center. Great sandwiches, but not cheap.

Clouds over the park that I found interesting.

Sidewalk cafes in many places

Enough buskers to keep you entertained
as you hike down the street.

I was surprised to still see families touring
this late in the year.

The sidewalk tables at the Over Easy Cafe.

More of the Over Easy Cafe.

No, I’m not the Bruce that supplies their maple syrup!

The Admiral’s veggie omelet…

… and my 1″ thick pancake. One was enough!

Yes- dog friendly restaurants if you choose
outdoor seating.

The Gourmet Chip. The cones are filled with just-fried
potato chips. Looked good!

The Grove Arcade…

… with outdoor dining.

GA = Grove Arcade



Loved this stairway!

If a shop has yarn you can bet the
Admiral will check it out!

A new look in quilting tiles.

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