Postcard from New Mexico- 2


Santa Fe, NM

Getting settled has been a breeze compared to earlier trips here. We didn’t kill one another while I backed the rig into the space (I wish I were better at that!), and before we knew it we were done and off the road before working folks started coming home. The dogs would have appreciated getting out of the truck a little quicker since it was time to eat, but they forgave us!

Even the sewer connection went easier: I pulled the sewer hose out of the boom. That way I could run it directly which put it further uphill. The park’s sewer connect-point is too close to the rear of the rig with a sideways slope to the site making it a challenge to keep the hose from falling off the support. Of course, if you have a hose connection that starts at the rear you’d wonder what I was going on about.

2 of my 4 appointments are out of the way: the dermatologist got to play with his liquid nitrogen, and the internal medicine doctor confirmed that, contrary to rumors on the street, I really do have a heart. I have an eye check on Monday and dentist on Tuesday and, barring a surprise, The Captain will be nearly ready to go as soon as he gets new glasses. And the Admiral is working her way through her to-do list including a doctor visit and lab work. So we’re moving along.

While we were out and about I stopped at Chavez Jewelers. Among many other items Chavez offers, they’re Citizen watch dealers and I need a new watch band for my titanium watch & band. The band fit so loose that it would slip down over my wrist where it got stressed when I bent my wrist. That foolishness finally broke a pin and the pin isn’t replaceable. So now I get to buy a $200 titanium replacement band. But the watch has been flawless for the 9 years I’ve had it, so I’ll spend the $$$.

Santa Fe Skies added a dog park this past winter, right in an unused space between 2 solar arrays. It now has the Kelly seal of approval. She did laps at near light speed, pausing only long enough to christen it with urine. (I guess you realize dog pee is really canine Pee-mail, right?). Kelly is a happy camper! Annie is reserving her opinion. She just strolls around sniffing “stuff”. And has war games with Kelly as they pretend to kill one another. Life is grand in the dog park!

Celia arranged for us to have dinner with friends Carol & Jay. We haven’t seen one another in 6 months, so it was fun catching up. We had dinner at a new place recently opened by the chef that owned Josh’s. The Ranch House, across from Outback, has the same great BBQ but with much nicer surroundings. Pardon the pun, but I pigged out on pulled pork. Like the old Josh’s (now closed), you have to arrive early (5:30 PM works) cuz it has big crowds!

And taxes are done. I hate doing taxes more than getting a cortizone shot in the ankle, so I put it off till Friday (but why did I pick Friday the 13th?!) and had everything e-Filed by 3:00.

Still have to arrange for the truck to be looked at by Spear’s Automotive in Cedar Crest- they’re a Banks dealer. It’s beginning to look like the pacing item.

About bruce10b

Celia and I are full-time RVers wintering (and now summering!) in southeast AZ. Our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Annie & Kelly, prompted the name of this blog but sadly are gone because of kidney failure. They will live forever in our hearts.
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