Postcard from Florida- 5

18 March 2010
(Wildwood, FL)

We had stayed an extra day in Clewiston so we could enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the KOA. By the time we waddled home we were glad we’d done it.

In the morning we had a couple visitors including Doug & Pat who brought home made doughnuts. My God they were good! Thanks guys. We patted our happy tummies, said our farewells and headed for Wildwood, FL.

Wildwood KOA isn’t great as KOAs go, but it’s friendly and convenient. And our site was wide enough to be easy in/out.

Wildwood is also the home of the The Cotillion restaurant. If you like dessert, yuh gotta stop here! Dinner was great but it got in the way of the 10″ tall angel food cake I had. I thought my mom’s Aunt Aggie was the master of angel food cake, but her reputation is being challenged! Amazing. We didn’t have reservations (might be smart to call ahead) and just managed to get the last available table.

When we got back to the Montana we were greeted by a wet floor. The new washing machine had overflowed which usually means a full or blocked tank. My habit is to connect the waste line to the sewer and then open the drain for the tank that collects the galley sink water and (on the new rig) the washing machine. I knew it was open so clearly the problem had to be the new Montana. I called a mobile repair service and was told $125 just to show up plus labor for whatever it takes to do the repair. His parting shot was “The last time I had a call like this it turned out the drain valve wasn’t open. Anyway, call me back if you want me to add you to the schedule.” I thought ‘here we go again!’ More repairs.

At Celia’s insistence I checked the valve which I knew was open and… oops! It wasn’t. Damn. Then I opened the drain valve and watched in panic as the flexible drain line connected to the sewer straightened and stiffened to the point I thought it might burst. Yikes! We’ve never had another problem with the washing machine, but to this day I cannot recall closing the valve after having first opened it. Gremlins I guess.

While I was outside I was treated to a great sunset… cluttered by power lines, but a delight nonetheless.

19 March 2010
From Wildwood we headed for E. Tallahassee and found ourselves in an older KOA in a rural setting. Lots of tall pine with mostly sand on the drives and sites. Unfortunately our site had some damage from the night before. One of the leveling jacks on a heavy Class A had punched thru the tangle of roots beneath the sand and left a deep 12″ pothole. In fact the park golf cart leading us in nearly capsized when he hit it (not an exaggeration!). I tried to like the site but eventually we asked to be moved as there wasn’t room for the slides.

Don’t know if they still do it, but we were greeted at the office with an invitation to stop back later for fresh chocolate chip cookies which were cooling and not quite ready. Hmmm… last nite angel food cake, tonight God’s own chocolate chip cookies. I fear we’re enjoying ourselves way too much! 🙂

Time to leave Florida and go to Lillian, AL.

About bruce10b

Celia and I are full-time RVers wintering (and now summering!) in southeast AZ. Our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Annie & Kelly, prompted the name of this blog but sadly are gone because of kidney failure. They will live forever in our hearts.
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